Project Rescue

About to launch and you can’t figure out why your ping time is 500ms? Sweating bullets because the dev team told you that they’d be ready to go any day now, but you’ve blown your last five deadlines?

I won’t magically finish your project in a weekend. What I will do is give a clear-eyed assessment of what needs to change and a roadmap to getting the project back on track in the most practical way possible.

I first started working with Scotty when I re-joined Gin Lane Media, on re-platforming The Reformation, and architecting Sweetgreen’s Online Ordering system. Scotty lead the architecture decisions in both systems, and mentored the younger dev team in agile and git flow methodologies.

That year was hugely formative for me — not only did my understanding of best practices leap forward dramatically, but I also learnt a lot about alternative system architectures and safer programming models. Scotty’s influence from that year alone has had a big impact on how we now run development sprints and think about code culture at Sanctuary Computer.

—Hugh Francis (Principal)Sanctuary Computer
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