Nothing I love more than growing a team of smart developers.

Sometimes all that raw talent needs nurturing. Talent gets you a lot but out of the box it doesn’t get you use of version control, project estimation and tracking, SCRUM/Kanban boards, unit testing, and so on.

That stuff is hard because the right way to run a dev team depends a lot on the team itself. Big-M methodology books sell well but they can be worse than nothing if naively implemented.

I have a lot of experience growing developers. It’s a gentle art, since devs don’t respond to top down authority. It’s also rewarding as hell to see people that I’ve worked with go on to become amazing professionals.

If you have a team, old or young, that could use some leadership and mentoring, I’d love to talk further. This is one of my passions.

People can talk about code re-use all they want, but good development culture is infinitely more reusable

Scotty is one of the most brilliant engineers I’ve ever met. We started Snepo together in 2006 and Scotty was foundational in its success. You know he wrote a programming language?

—Ben Moir (Director)Snepo Research
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