Javascript Development

You have a Javascript project and that’s awesome. I love those.

I hope you’re using React and I’ll be even more excited if you are using Redux for control flow. Since React was released in 2014 I had an intuitive affinity for the framework. The principles of immutable data and unidirectional communication are core to functional programming, and that’s something that I know a lot about.

Back in the early aughts I built some large projects in Haskell, which is a very academic, very functional language. Imagine my delight all these years later as the mainstream begins to learn what the nerds have been preaching for the last 20 years.

Needless to say, I’m overjoyed at the changes that have happened with Javascript, both the language and the supporting frameworks. Contact me and let’s talk about your project.

I consult Scotty before recommending any framework or technology to the teams I lead. His ability to absorb and execute new technology year after year is uncanny. I’ve yet to meet a fellow engineer that has worked with him that isn’t a raving fan.

—Jose Arenado (Head of Front End)Coach
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