Elixir Development

Elixir! Oh man. I have fallen just a little bit in love with it.

Back when the earth’s crust was still cooling (the early ‘00s), I built a massively parallel video encoding platform in Erlang. The language itself was not my favorite, but the platform and the semantics left a deep impression on me. Even to the point where I went as far as writing a toy VM for an Erlang-like language with Ruby-like syntax.

Well ten years later Elixir pops its head out of the closet. Like when React was announced, I knew immediately that it would catch on. We’re on the verge of a sea change as old Ruby/Rails heads shift toward the Elixir/Phoenix platform for building web applications and I couldn’t be happier.

If you’re considering Elixir for a project or have one underway I want to talk to you. You’re either fearless, some kind of maniac, or a genius. I’ll take any of those.

Having worked with Scotty for over a decade on a variety of projects, I never cease to be impressed by his depth of knowledge. He is a genuine pleasure to work with.

—Ian Rogers (UX Designer)
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